In my previous post i mentioned that i was reading a book called The Church on the Other Sideby Brian D. McLaren.

The Church on the Other Side

I thought about writing a review for the book, but have decided against it. McLaren writes a few thought provoking things (see previous post for one example), and i had hoped that this book would enlighten me a bit more about post-modernity thought and how to engage Church in the future. Sadly, it did little of that. In the end, i found the book to be a book of contradictions that nullify any arguments McLaren attempted to make. For example, in a chapter discussing Missions, McLaren talks about his grandfather who was a missionary. He then lists 21 things that the church has done wrong with missions in the past and then provides 6 things that need to be done for missions to thrive in the future years. He then ends the chapter by affirming the work and methods his grandfather did and used as a missionary.
Again, the book does provide some good insight as to Church practices and how we as a whole have erred in the past, and also causes some food for thought. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you.