Something tweaked in me this week, after seeing Meryl Streep in the news regarding her speech at the Golden Globes this past weekend.

Maybe it started a few months ago already, before the U.S. presidency election.

Why is it that celebrities feel that they need to speak out against [enter person’s name here] because they disagree with said person.  For instance, Streep had nothing good to say about President Elect Donald Trump.  She must still be hurt by Clinton’s loss in the election.  Fine.  Be upset.  Be hurt.  But why does she think that her opinion suddenly carries more weight?  Because she’s famous?

It happened a lot in the weeks leading up to the election.  Famous people took to all sorts of platforms to shout out their disapproval of one or the other candidate.  As though a famous person’s opinion is any more valid or real than the working class person.

Do they think that more people will rally to their cause if they take those opportunities afforded them with a public stage – Streep at the Globes, etc.?

I remember some time ago Leonardo DiCaprio did this as well, in his fight against the oil sands in Alberta.  The problem here is that he was flying around in a multi-million dollar jet burning who knows how much fuel that was produced from places exactly like those he’s rallying against.

And then consider Emma Stone’s acceptance speech at the Globes this past weekend.  She mentioned how her film was a dedication to those struggling artists, of all kinds, who’ve been told “No,” or “You’ll never make it.”  She encouraged those artists to chase their dreams and never give up.

But Stone’s message wasn’t necessarily just a message for artists.  Hers hits a deeper cord with anyone really.  No matter who you are, don’t stop chasing your dreams.

Streep’s message, at least to me, seemed to convey the idea, “Just keep whining.  Eventually, maybe, something different might happen.”  It’s a message of entitlement.  As though she herself, Meryl Streep, DESERVED for Clinton to win.  And her message gives the idea that everyone can feel this way.

Here’s the thing: Everyone is entitled to your opinion.

The problem with our society today is that I might have an opinion too.  And if i have an opinion, and if my opinion happens to be different than yours, i’m considered wrong.  I’m considered hateful or [insert other word here].

And that’s just not the case.

For instance, and some of you may disagree with me here, but in my opinion, i think people will be surprised by what kind of a leader Donald Trump can be.  There i said it.

The thing is though, that i’m not a politician.  I don’t want to be a politician.  I leave the politics to those who are better suited for it.  And even then i mostly won’t weigh in on the subject because i’m just not equipped enough to handle an intense discussion about politics.

The same could be said for all kinds of issues.  I’m not an apologist, so i’d rather just leave the discussion to someone like Ravi Zacharias, etc.

It is my opinion, that celebrities need to learn their place, and stop adding fuel to an already highly volatile situation by weighing in and expecting that the general public is somehow going to a) side with them on an issue, or b) suddenly change their mind on an issue.

But that’s just my opinion.