One week ago Donald Trump was sworn in as the president of the United States.  I have been neither here nor there on Donald, and on Hillary for that matter, but a lot of what happens in American politics directly affects Canada, where i live.

What i found interesting on the night/ day after the election, and again after the swearing in ceremony last week, was reading about the amount of riots and protests in the streets of a lot of cities across the U.S. following both events.

I asked myself, “Why would it get so ugly?”

So i did what seemed best to me.  I asked my youth group last Friday what they thought might be the reason the younger generation is inciting such anger over Trump’s win and inauguration.

In a matter of moments the youth, aged 14-18, came up with two very real possibilities.

  1. Because of the way they’ve been brought up, the current generation reacts to situations in temper-tantrum mentality when they don’t get what they want.  Oftentimes when kids are told “No!” they stomp around and create a fuss and yell until they get their way.
  2. The second reason has to do with the “everybody  wins” mentality.  The younger generation plays sports where score is not kept, where everybody gets participation awards, and nobody loses.  Kids always keep score, and both teams really know what the score is and who’s winning and losing, but their told not to think of it that way.  That doesn’t really matter.

Combine these two things and you have a dangerous cocktail that results in much of what we’ve seen on the news.  It’ll be interesting to watch moving forward.

P.S. i find it funny/ sad/ interesting/ etc. that the same people  who want more focus on global-warming and stuff are the ones creating so much havoc, like setting cars on fire which pollute the air they’re trying to defend.  I wonder if they see the irony of it.